My iconic symbol for pluralism is life in the tropical rainforest where material and social life flourishes with diverse and un-similar neighbors. and symbiont partners.
Projects – Papers under construction

The Works of Synthesis in The Chemical and Biological sciences Depend on Working Out the Making-Histories of Material Entities. (Started in 2015)

Cell Engineering Scientists Generate Unnatural Kinds of Signaling Circuits within Cells by Making and Re-making their Making-Histories. (Started in 2016)
– Presented at Workshop on Unnatural Kinds – Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Scientific Classification in May of 2016, by Julia Bursten and Evan Hepler-S,mith at San Francisco State University.

Making Wholes to Understand Them – The Application of Chemistry’s ‘Total Synthesis’ Practices to Genes & Genomes. (Started in 2017)
– Presented at the Workshop on History of DNA Synthesis and the Organism in November, 2017 organized by Dominic Berry & Jane Calvert of the Engineering Life Project of Edinburgh University and hosted at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia.

A material-semiotic and material-discursive study of Carnot Cycles in development of Thermodynamics using Norton Wise’s 2018 historical study of the origination and evolution of indicator diagrams for steam engine engineers to Sadi Carnot’s theorizing work. (Started in 2019)

alok(dot)srivastava (at) gmail.com

I am a composite like many HPS & STS scholars
I am an independent scholar based in San Francisco, US.

As a Scientist –
My PhD is in Molecular Biology & Biophysics from MIT (2000)

As a technologist –
I worked, over the last two decades, in technology development in (1) Biochemical platforms for Cancer Biomarkers and Diagnostics and (2) online platforms for Clinical Problem-solving and Integrative Medical Care in Cancer.

As a HPS & STS scholar –
I studied, over the last decade, with Philosophers, Sociologists and Historians of Science.
I think with diverse scholars and traditions in my HPS and STS work; however, Peirce, Dewey & Mead, and Haraway, Benjamin & Hekman provide the longest and deepest interventions and interferences.

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